Hurricane Irma threatens the southeastern United States nearly a year after Hurricane Matthew another Category 5 storm devastated the region

Nearly a year after Hurricane Matthew, a Category 5 storm that ripped through the southeastern United States a new threat emerged by the name of Irma. Hurricane Irma, like Hurricane Matthew, is a deadly Category 5 storm, which has approximately killed over 23 people since it made landfall in the Caribbean.

States of emergency have been declared for the southeastern United States as Hurricane Irma approaches. Florida residents have already begun the evacuation process as Florida looks to be directly in the path of this monster storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma will not directly hit South Carolina.

We will continue to follow the track of Hurricane Irma and will be sharing content via our social media accounts. One account in particular that we will be following is the Hurricane Irma 2017 – Beaufort SC, which can be found on Facebook. We’ve directly hyperlinked to the account so venture on over and take a look at the coverage they are providing of the South Carolina low country.