Our {first} post, again.

Our {first} post, again.


Year after year we at Operation Adventure look for new ways to shake up our routine. And as most of you have noticed we have been working to restructure all of our social media outlets, including our blog that’s located here on operationadventure.org.


Now what’s actually changed? Where did all of the past Operation Adventure videos, photographs, and blog entries go?


Those are excellent questions. After much thought and even more consideration we’ve decided to remove past content such as deleting videos from YouTube and photographs from Instagram in order to rebuild, rebrand, and restructure our platform.


Ok… That makes sense. But what is the new Operation Adventure platform going to look like?


Well folks, it’s actually going to look and feel very similar to the original series and platform we created back in 2011. Currently we are working on a new blog series, vlog series, possibly a podcast and last but not least a new web series that will be dedicated to telling real stories about real people doing extraordinary things with their lives. In fact we’ve been taking meetings all week shaping what’s about to come for us all.


We are so grateful that you all have come along this crazy adventure with us over the last five almost six years and we look forward to all the crazy and wacky things that are to come. That being said, we want to thank our 777 Blog Subscribers, our 352 likes on Facebook, 129 Followers on Twitter, and our 233 Followers on Instagram for all of the support and encouragement to continue doing what we do best. And that is adventuring.