Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrating the birth of America’s independence has been a time honored tradition dating back to the American Revolution. Today families and friends will gather for backyard barbecues, boating, and fireworks. All while social distancing, we hope.

That said we at Operation Adventure beg you all to consider staying sober or if you do decide to participate in the festivities by drinking please consider having a designated driver or use a ride sharing app. Remember asking, “What’s my name?” Check the license plate, including the make model of vehicle.

This also includes boating or recreational activities.

When you drink and drive you not only risk your life but also risk the lives of innocent people. Why even take that risk? It’s not worth it.

Here at Operation Adventure we like to celebrate July 4th by turning in early watching the hit 90s Horror Classic, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Filmed throughout Burgaw and Southport, North Carolina this teen slasher is based on a book by the same name written in 1973 by Lois Duncan. With the filming locations being so close, we decided to not only visit the filming locations used for the film but also compare the book to the movie. To see a complete multimedia profile please click here.

If you’re interested in learning the history of Independence Day, The History Channel has constructed a thorough timeline found at: https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th