Exploring the ruins of Old Sheldon’s Church: The SC Lowcountry

Embarking on an adventure can and will lead you to some pretty unique places. Especially while traveling through South Carolina. In 2011, I set out on my first adventure. The route we had planned would take my sister and myself to Hunting Island State Park where we planned to walk the beach and climb the lighthouse. Then we would head up to Edisto Beach, another beautiful destination that we had never been to.

Soon after we entered Yemassee a sign greeted us in Beaufort County. We were ecstatic! Little did we know what was in store for us a few miles down the road. We continued to drive down a road covered with majestic overhanging oaks and we were mesmerized. Then something caught the corner of my eye. I hit the breaks and we peered out at a gorgeous gem of a structure.

After pulling into a small parking lot we made our way to Old Sheldon Church, formally known as Prince William’s Parish Church. The church was built between the years of 1745 and 1753. According to the historical marker the church was first burned by the British Army in 1779 and then again in 1865 by the Federal Army.

Old Sheldon Church completely stole my heart that day and now every time I travel to Beaufort, SC or the Sea Islands I must stop and take in the magic that enchants this location. On this week’s episode of Operation Adventure, Faith Creech, and myself do just that. We also drop in at the Historic Riverfront Park located in Beaufort, South Carolina to discuss some of the history of the town. Beaufort is the second oldest city in South Carolina. Charleston being the oldest and Georgetown being the third oldest city. Another cool fact is that since the 1970s there have been 28 film and television productions that have filmed in Beaufort County according to IMDb. To name a few Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, Jungle Book, and The Great Santina.