The Urban Pilgrim Project

Since this week’s blog will be released on a Thursday, I felt it only appropriate to have a throwback, reintroducing a project created a few years ago.

Blogged on April 2, 2015

Recently because of Phantomythography: A Young Ghost Comes of Age, I’ve taken notice of glitch art. Glitch art is created using analog errors, corrupting the digital code, or by physically manipulating electronic devices. Naturally I decided to try this myself and above is the photo from my experiment.

This experiment gave me an idea for my MART 380 class. For my final project there I will be creating a multimedia site called, The Urban Pilgrim, featuring original photography and videography. Combining glitch art with gif’s, I plan to feature several of these on the multimedia site in order for videos to navigate to other pages on the platform.

Blogged on April 9, 2015

Last week I blogged about the idea I had for my newest multimedia endeavor, The Urban Pilgrim. Now the initial reasoning for creating this site was to fulfill a requirement for my MART 380 class; however, this project has definitely taken a life of its own.

Over the last week I’ve been pulling both original photography and videography from past Columbia explorations and have been building the site.

Besides featuring original photography and videography I wanted to create GIFs for the featured image / navigation purposes. These GIFs would be created using video footage through Photoshop. After a few tutorials I accomplished this and the above GIF is now currently featured on the site.

To see the full multimedia platform please click here.