Top Five Things to do at Hunting Island State Park

Established in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, Hunting Island is a 5,000-acre park with 5 miles of undeveloped beach. This secluded tropical paradise, which is located in the heart of South Carolina's Sea Islands, is home to an array of wildlife such as deer, alligators, snakes, and even a popular nesting ground for the endangered … Continue reading Top Five Things to do at Hunting Island State Park

Exploring an Abandoned Naval Installation

Located on Saint Helena Island sits Fort Fremont, an abandoned Naval Installation built in 1898 by the Army Corps of Engineers during the Spanish American War. Consisting of 170 acres, Fort Fremont was strategically designed to protect the Naval Station’s dry dock and coaling station, which sat across from the Beaufort River. The fort was … Continue reading Exploring an Abandoned Naval Installation

Exploring the SC State Park Mountain Region

There are 47 State Parks located in South Carolina, all of which are hidden gems in themselves. Divided up there are four regions in the park system, those being, the Coastal Region, Sandhills Region, Lake Region, and Mountain Region. Today we explore the Mountain Region in the SC State Park System. In total there are twelve locations … Continue reading Exploring the SC State Park Mountain Region


ATOMIC BOMB WITHOUT WARHEAD DROPS IN MARS BLUFF, SOUTH CAROLINA – 60 YEAR ANNIVERSARY On March 11, 1958 an atomic bomb was accidentally dropped on the small community of Mars Bluff located in Florence, South Carolina. Luckily nobody was killed in the blast; however, a few people were injured. To celebrate the Anniversary, we decided … Continue reading 60 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF ATOMIC BOMB DROP WITHOUT WARHEAD IN MARS BLUFF, SOUTH CAROLINA

It’s National Get Outside Day!

In honor of National Get Outside Day, we've decided to launch a short film that has been hidden in our hard drive for several years now. That short film being, Treasure Cache. Set out on an adventure with Addison, a spunky 4 year old who finds a treasure map while out hiking at Dreher Island … Continue reading It’s National Get Outside Day!

Dreher Island Photo Challenge Update On December 30, 2016 our founder decided to leave a photo from his travels in Dreher Island's official state park geocache. Coordinates: N 34° 05.483 W 081° 24.495 Now how this works: When you find the photo in the state park geocache, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or even email us at! See … Continue reading Dreher Island Photo Challenge Update