Midnight in Chernobyl
Written by Adam Higginbotham
Published February 5, 2019
3.5 out of 5

Midnight in Chernobyl hit home in many ways, which surprised me. I have always wanted to go to Chernobyl. I’ve watched countless videos of urban explorers venturing throughout the ghost town and it has been on my bucket list of places I want(ed) to visit. Nearly halfway through the book a topic that I really FELT came up. Specifically those who survived the nuclear catastrophe, however, contracted leukemia from exposure. It’s literally described now the radiation devoured their bone marrow. It also discussed bone marrow transplants. And I kid you not I FELT ALL OF IT! This was an interesting read, heavy at times, but solid.

P.S. A science fiction film was shot at this location in 2014.